2017-06-05 06:29:35 by TheWeebl

After several years of trying to get this project started we've finally done it. Vinyl collectable toys. We've had prototypes made and we've ironed out the kinks. All we need now is to be able to fund the production run.

The prototypes are pretty awsome and huge. Something we've sorted out so that body sizes match.

547199_149665844683_IMG_1354.jpg       547199_149665849633_IMG_1359.jpg

If you're interested then your support would be gladly received.

Savlonic Album Kickstarter

2014-02-14 06:35:05 by TheWeebl

Our good friends in electro pop band Savlonic have started a Kickstarter to make an actual real, physical album. They already made their initial goal but they're planning more exciting stuff. Check it out here:



2013-11-08 05:15:53 by TheWeebl

I designed these posters for when we did the MCM Comic Expo this October. I'm thinking of putting less distressed version on canvas too.



2011-02-11 13:23:23 by TheWeebl

Sometimes doing commissioned work can be a lot of fun. Zekey and I are doing 6 Weebl and Bob film parodies featuring Cadbury Creme Eggs and we've just had the 3rd one signed off so I'm relaxing a bit and can think for a moment without freaking out at the amount of work we've got ahead.

The good thing about doing jobs like this is having to work with certain ground rules. This may seem the opposite of fun but it forces you to spend a lot more time thinking about what you're doing and I think it's helping me become a better writer. All good experience for later on.

Being paid to do something also seems to have a psychological effect on you as well. I've found myself putting a lot more care into the sound design and music on these than I would normally and while I'm talking about the music, trying to make something in the style of the films we're doing is a great musical skills workout. I'm definitely going to make the soundtrack for the 3rd film available for download.

The other obvious benefit is that we can afford to keep paying people like Zekey, Peabo and Sexual Lobster to make animations for us, for a while. This makes me happy as they are all good people and deserve to be paid for what they do.


2010-06-24 09:35:25 by TheWeebl

Anyone want to make some games with me? I can no longer write code but have a need to make fun things.

Just to be clear. I'm after coders, not story writers or artists.