Entry #5


2017-06-05 06:29:35 by TheWeebl

After several years of trying to get this project started we've finally done it. Vinyl collectable toys. We've had prototypes made and we've ironed out the kinks. All we need now is to be able to fund the production run.

The prototypes are pretty awsome and huge. Something we've sorted out so that body sizes match.

547199_149665844683_IMG_1354.jpg       547199_149665849633_IMG_1359.jpg

If you're interested then your support would be gladly received.



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2017-06-05 06:37:06

Very nice man! Haha! I love the narwhal figure, really great job Weebl!


2017-06-05 07:04:28

Can you fit them badger ones with red football kits and Wayne Rooney hair transplant kits?


2017-06-05 10:16:35

The Savlonic and Narwhal figures look amazing <3


2017-06-06 21:18:47

Finally got around to pledging to the Kickstarter! Will go nice next to my Weebl and Bob Plush.