Savlonic Album Kickstarter

2014-02-14 06:35:05 by TheWeebl

Our good friends in electro pop band Savlonic have started a Kickstarter to make an actual real, physical album. They already made their initial goal but they're planning more exciting stuff. Check it out here:



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2014-03-04 01:10:32

Well, if Weebl sings in it, then I am all for it.


2014-04-02 06:35:22

Indeed! +100% support!


2014-06-09 21:48:33

awesome KEEP IT UP!!! you did what Your favorite Martian couldn't do. Can't wait to see it!


2014-08-04 18:18:50

Although I was properly exhausted last night (pain, hard to sleep), I enjoyed our conversation (but not hearing the prices for animation)!

Here's the show I mentioned however, I don't know how receptive they are. Animators who've had their work showcased there:


2014-08-10 00:05:50

I'll donate 100 buckos if purple hair sends me n00dz.


2016-02-21 09:10:45

But I want the album filled with scorpionss... D:


2016-06-01 01:39:37

I 2nd that. Weebl backing this up? Umm yeah I'm all in!


2016-06-15 13:13:26

I'm amazed after all this time they haven't gotten signed on to a record company